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Be sure all employees are safe from COVID-19—now possible with the Salus mobile solution. This suite of mobile apps and testing methodology brings back collaboration and productivity to get back to a normal workplace while preventing the threat of coronavirus from further jeopardizing employment opportunities.


Everyone entering the building or workplace is testing negative, creating a COVID-free Biosphere, and allowing users to safely work and interact.


Rapid testing can take place at the workplace, which is ideal for daily access. Users can be tested at a third-party location of their choice before they visit the building. While QR codes are valid, users can be re-granted access if they must leave and return to work.


• Employees,
• Staff,
• Executives,
• Clients/Customers,
• Patients
• Guests, etc.

Don’t Worry While You Work

Salus® Applications

Visitors and guests looking to access a Salus-protected venue will need the Salus Access app. The user creates a profile and takes a selfie that will help verify their identity. Once results have populated from Salus Test, the user can scan their QR code to enter.

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For employees at Salus-protected venues. Similar to Salus Access, staff members use their Salus Employee profile to scan their QR code into Salus Monitor. Supervisors will be able to check records within the Salus Monitor dashboard to ensure everyone is COVID-19 free.

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For trained personnel conducting COVID-19 tests. Users of this application will record the outcome of an individual COVID-19 test designating a "Negative" or 'Positive" result. The Salus Access user will be able to see the test result in their own app.

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For building/workplace staff responsible for monitoring those coming and going. Once a user is trying to access the building or workplace, Salus Monitor will scan their QR code on Salus Access. Data will be viewable in a comprehensive dashboard that management can use to monitor those entering.

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How is Salus priced?

Typically, the investment in Salus includes the Rapid Assurance Antigen COVID-19 test, with the Salus app included as one all-in price. Salus, however, is tailored for every engagement and is customized to the needs of the property. Salus consultants will meet with stakeholders of the property to determine if Salus is a fit. Depending on the organization's requirements, a one-time, cost-effective set-up and configuration charge, and a small per-use fee for the app, and testing essentially as a pass-through to reduce investment.

What does implementation look like?

We understand that with regards to Salus, "one size DOES NOT fit all." For example, with some sports organizations, we are having discussions about a "phased" approach, whereby phase one involves testing and providing Salus for employees, venue personnel, players, and a limited number of fans. For others, the organization wants to provide access for the entire venue and all fans, so we will work with the entity to create an implementation plan that accommodates that approach.

What industries or types of businesses can use the Salus app?

The Salus app is designed to be used by a variety of industries and sectors, including colleges and universities, workplaces, arenas, cruises, resorts and hotels, assisted care facilities, and so much more.

If I want to use Salus for my employees—how often will they need to be re-tested?

Frequency of testing depends on a number of factors. Typically, Salus consultants, in coordination with our medical advisory team, will make recommendations as to the appropriate testing frequency and overall protocol.

Is Salus overseen by any medical professionals?

Dr. Stewart Davis is Salus’ Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Davis is an M.D. by training but has been a full-time medical device entrepreneur for the last 17+ years. He has founded or held an executive position in 12 medical device companies. Dr. Davis graduated from the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine and was Summa Cum Laude from the University of Miami Honors Program. He has published a book and over a dozen peer-reviewed papers.

Dr. Peter Antevy is the Medical Advisor to the Salus solution. Dr. Antevy earned his medical degree from the University of Miami’s School of Medicine and has acquired a subspecialty degree in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He currently works as a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician practicing in-hospital emergency medical care at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. He is a COVID-19 science and testing expert and is currently working with multiple US cities to define their protocols and run their testing programs. Dr. Antevy is heavily involved in COVID-19 research, and he is the Principle Investigator on two large antibody trials across seven municipalities in South Florida. Additionally, he is leading clinical trials on Rapid Assurance Antigen testing in multiple venues across the country.

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Oz - Screenshots app Salus
Oz - Screenshots app Salus
Oz - Screenshots app Salus
Oz - Screenshots app Salus

Doug Cohen

Doug is responsible for working with the executive and business development team in bringing OZ's Salus solution to market. He leads OZ's business development efforts and is single-minded in finding ways to provide his clients with the right solutions to solve the challenges they face in dealing with the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has 20+ years of experience advising companies in the technology, professional services, and manufacturing space on business development, customer experience, and leadership best practices. Doug is the company’s spokesperson, and key point of contact for COVID-19 test manufacturers, having developed relationships with multiple international providers.

Previously, Doug was one of the founders of a company in the litigation consulting space, which grew over 17 years from three employees to over 300, and was successfully sold to a 55,000 employee public company. He is a frequent national speaker on business development, communications, customer experience, and leadership best practices.

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