Created by OZ, Salus Is a HIPAA-Compliant Solution Was Designed To Bring Venues Backs in Many Industries

About Salus

Salus is a mobile solution created by OZ, a leading digital consulting company. This HIPAA-compliant solution was designed to bring venues of all sizes and across many industries back to 100% capacity since the initial COVID-19 shutdowns in 2020.

The patented solution collects no personal information and uses secure QR codes to grant users access to venues. This safe, simple, and secure suite of applications has had great success in the Sports and Entertainment industries using COVID tests and vaccination records to allow people into venues with confidence.

Features in the applications were created with the user experience in mind. For example, the Salus Access app allows users to digitize their vaccine card and create multiple user profiles, ideal for families with young children. In addition, Salus Monitor presents a detailed dashboard of data for supervisors and management to keep track of Salus users.

Salus Global Headquarters

Fort Lauderdale


Salus International Headquarters