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How To Ensure Business As Normal During The ‘New Normal’?

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic has made us have to reconsider everything. How we work, how we interact, how we engage. Words and phrases such as Asymptomatic, Social Distancing and Flattening the Curve have quickly become part of our everyday lexicon, with Remote Working and Virtual Teaming making a comeback. Our business strategy and plans from last week are dated, never mind our annual and quarterly ones. This is a moment in time none of us ever contemplated, never mind experienced. But we as humans are resilient and incredibly quick to adapt. This is our New Normal and we need new business thinking and capabilities to navigate this new reality. And the Digital Human Experience (HX) is the North Star.

We have been working around the clock to develop new capabilities and solutions to address our clients most pressing ‘new normal’ needs and have found that human-centered experience design combined with digital is the common thread that runs through all of them, in our new reality of remote working:


Few industries have been hit harder than the cruise lines in this crisis. Salus, our new mobile solution will help cruise lines and state and local Florida health authorities tackle novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Each day, over 50,000 guests and crew descend to South Florida from all over the US and the new Salus solution will help prevent guests and crew suspected of having COVID-19 from boarding ships, help detect guests and crew that may have come down with COVID-19 while onboard the ship, and then help facilitate and track containment of these guests and crew, along with cataloging onboard testing and treatment.


Most companies know that it’s hard to hold productive workshops, ideation, and planning sessions in-person, never mind remotely. And tools like WebEx and Zoom were not created for this new reality. Our Immerse solution-service helps companies and state and local government, facilitate and run highly effective, interactive and impactful remote workshops and innovation/collaboration sessions for their employees, clients, customers, and partners. Immerse leverages a highly interactive meeting facilitation software that is more sophisticated than Zoom and the like. This is combined with our executive consultants service who run, facilitate and drive the full lifecycle of the workshops/ideation/planning sessions from developing the agenda, facilitating the meeting, developing clear meeting notes with action items and owners, and taking meeting artifacts and tuning them into deliverables such as PowerPoint designs, plans and charts, Excel financials models and Word documents.

Reboot – Business Impact Assessment and New Reality Strategy & Plans 

Annual strategies, financial projections, customer understanding, supply chain logistics planning have been ripped up. They simply don’t apply anymore. Not in this new reality. OZ can help. We can help you quickly understand the impacts on your company revenue streams, geographies, channels, customers, partners, employees, supply chain, cybersecurity, and cloud. Then develop a new reality strategy and plans to adapt to the new normal. And when we say quickly, we are talking in days – the currency of the new normal – not multiple weeks or months – the old normal. And we can achieve this as we have expert strategy consultants who have vast experience doing this. Immerse enables us to effectively drive this remotely, and our IP accelerates the process, leveraging our SVMTM – our Strategic Value Modeler driven by ROI, and our TCVTM modeler – our Time Cost Value Modeler.

Immerse Training

No travel time. No corridor chinwags. Working in our sweats. We’ve suddenly got a lot more time on our hands. Put that to use with our Immerse Training that brings together our interactive and remote collaboration platform with expert, hands-on consultant instructors who have been there and done it, and who know a thing or two about the human experience (HX), given that’s what they do. So, if your Immerse training session is about AI and Machine Learning your instructor has developed AI/ML models for Nike, Starbucks and Amazon not just read about them. Up your skills with our experts and make yourself indispensable.