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OZ Talks Salus on ‘The Shrimp Tank’ Episode 114

In August, OZ’s Amjad Shamim (CEO) and Sam Jafri (Client Executive) appeared on iHeart Radio’s podcast in Boca Raton known as The Shrimp Tank. The podcast interviews local business entrepreneurs and is a place ‘where street smarts book smarts collide’.

Amjad and Sam discuss the beginnings of AAJ Technologies Inc. and OZ Digital Consulting, from the early conversations of creating a company to the current culture. Amjad and Sam (father and son) get candid about the family’s business, the development of importance on Customer Experience, and OZ’s Salus solution partnership with the A7FL.

Listen to episode 114 to hear this entertaining, informative, and candid conversation about OZ, from inception to future endeavors.