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See Salus in Action: Football is Back!

Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 21, 2020 – See Salus in action!

The Salus mobile solution is being used to bring players and staff back to stadiums starting July 26. OZ is announcing a partnership with the American 7s Football League (A7FL) who implemented the Salus Mobile App for the upcoming A7FL 2020 Back In Motion Tournament, making it the first American football league back playing the game since COVID-19 lock-down began.

The latest press release describes the A7FL and their upcoming sporting events. “The A7FL represents 7-on-7 no- pads, tackle football. The Back in Motion Tournament is comprised of four teams of 20 players and consists of one game per week in a span of four weeks, kicking off on Sunday, July 26th.” Salus will allow players, coaches, and other staff members to be tested on a weekly basis. Results must prove they are COVID-19 negative or positive for the virus’s antibodies before entering the venue.

Sener Korkusuz, A7FL CEO and co-founder expresses his gratitude for OZ’s latest mobile solution that made the event possible and mentioned, “We’ve prioritized the safety of our fans, players, employees, and partners for the 2020 A7FL Season.”

Medical professional and OZ partner, Dr. Peter Antevy, stated, “Salus really is a game-changer in terms of a fully integrated solution that can be used by multiple event stakeholders to track and test people in the most efficient manner possible…Anyone implementing Salus will be using the best technology platform available for protection against COVID-19 spread in environments where social distancing is difficult or impossible.”

Although spectators will not be present at the upcoming A7FL 2020 Back In Motion Tournament, Salus is ready to safely bring sports fans back to cheering on the players and teams they enjoy. Contact OZ representatives to learn how Salus can open biospheres in industries other than sports. 


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