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What is the difference between Salus and other COVID solutions?

With just a quick Google search, it is clear that many companies are creating solutions to mitigate COVID risks while safely returning to travel and a pre-COVID way of life. The best COVID solutions will allow you to safely reopen and get back to life as normal while enhancing the user experience through a number of features without asking for personal health information. Look for a flexible solution that accommodates all types of COVID tests and vaccinations, offers medical personnel to coordinate and manage the process for you, allows multiple user profiles, and improves your customer support services if anyone tests positive for COVID, and efficiently manages your testing and reporting.

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Solution Summaries

Salus is an end-to-end COVID testing solution that is HIPAA-compliant with access to a dedicated medical and technical team. While most solutions focus on returning individuals to safe travels, Salus welcomes employees, staff, guests, clients, everyone to any Salus-protected venue with proof of a negative COVID test and/or a valid vaccination record. Whether organizations are looking to return to Travel & Hospitality, Education, Sports & Entertainment, or even the workplace, Salus is creating COVID-free biospheres to get back to max capacity.

IATA TravelPass is a modular solution created in the UK to help governments ensure that travelers crossing borders are COVID-free and to confirm the traveler received the correct test types that are accepted at their destination. While IATA’s TravelPass has basic functions for travelers and agencies tracking individuals, the solution is missing key features that enhance the customer experience—digitized vaccine cards, multiple user profiles, and analytics dashboards for easier monitoring.

CommonPass is an application the user must tether to their existing Apple Health (for iOS) or CommonHealth (for Android) app accounts—all together referred to as the Common Trust Network. CommonPass fetches the lab results, vaccination records, and other user health information from Apple Health or CommonHealth and presents a QR code granting them access to travel. Unlike Salus, CommonPass requires personal health information to be entered, posing a concern for some users.

CoVerified is an integrated COVID-19 software for organizations including educational institutions, nursing homes, and businesses. The software allows users to upload and receive test results and vaccine information, while they can self-report symptoms and contract tracing. With clearance, the user receives agree ‘all-clear’ screen. on the administration side, users have access to dashboarding and analytics, as well as a scheduling interface, and test result/vaccination uploads. This software allows for the collection of personal health information and is missing key features that overall may let down users and take away from the customers’ experience.

VeriFLY compiles real-time wellness information from self-certified health questionnaires and/or diagnostic COVID-19 test results from over 20,000 performing labs and provides digital badging, proof of test status for both antibody or viral testing, and (in the future) proof of vaccine. The HIPAA-compliant solution removes the burden from organizations to structure agreements for lab results in multiple locations. Like TravelPass, both are missing key features that enhance the customer experience—digitized vaccine cards, multiple user profiles, and analytics dashboards for easier monitoring.

Clear + Health Pass is a network of identity verification tools commonly used for airports, stadiums, etc. For $15/month a user can present their Clear app and complete a biometric scan to check-in at associated locations (ideally to make airport processing and accessing other venues faster). Health Pass is an extension of the network the user can add as a “digital health passport” to validate identification and COVID lab and/or vaccination credentials. The Clear network collects a great deal of user information and identification checkpoints. Some users may be uncomfortable providing as much detailed and identifiable information. Luckily, Salus only requires the user’s selfie and no personal scans or information.

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